the therapeutic waters of onsens, hamams, and thermae have been used for centuries as vital centres for everyday healing—we’ve retooled theses waters to soothe the maladies of today. we believe bathing, exercise, conversation, and massage are interconnected in sustaining good health. of course, our baths have all of these things in abundance.



we believe the baths should be a lively, vibrant social space, as much as they are a place for solitary reflection and healing. to us, all-senses pleasure and social connection are essential to holistic wellness and happiness. come with friends, or alone. OLYMPIA is a place of leisure and luxury, though we keep financial barriers to entry as low as possible


open sixteen hours a day

8 am to midnight


our traditional turkish hamam offers warmed floors and marble walls, creating a harmony of heat and humidity. here the body is vigorously exfoliated, cleansed and rinsed—with opportunities for clothed and nude visits. a primary communal hamam is open to all, and a second space can be booked to enjoy privately with your close circle.


tiled turkish bathing and steaming room. 100% humidity. temperature between 25C and 50C, rising upwards from the marble floor and navel stone



benefits the psyche and the body. relieves stress, increases circulation, deep cleans the skin, and naturally alleviates aches, pains, and cold symptoms


best experienced

take your time and experience the hamam in solitude, or socially. cleanse yourself or be cleansed by one of our estheticians. scrub with a kessa mit, wash your hair and body, refresh with a cold rinse, and relax



communal mineral bath, designed for soaking in company. unlike our other public spaces the sento is a place for washing, where the armour of the day is discarded along with one’s clothes. bathing is done naked and is all-gender inclusive, with optional gender-segregated sessions. private bathing can be booked for groups of up to six



cleanse off the residue of the day, spend time with friends, and be pacified by the space around you


best experienced

a space to chat relax, and immerse. hydrate with a herbal tea while bathing


our two japanese sento offer public and private bathing. A space for silence, to tend to oneself or chat with friends. rinse in our showers before entering the warm, clean mineral waters of the sento’s sprawling bath—an entirely nude experience. as is tradition, we offer a separate rest space where you can drink, eat, or close your eyes following your bath.


our central open-air bath hall is a space to connect and converse with friends. cool in summer and toasty warm in winter, it’s a place to come together as much as they are a space to wash and restore the body. we’ll make you a strong drink, too


these adjacent communal rooms offer the complementary benefits of dry and wet heat; a Finnish sauna filled with hot dry air, and steam room for a moist heat. both spaces may improve circulation, cleans the skin, and slow the body’s stress hormone, cortisol. enter in swimwear, or the towel we provide you.

a space to chat relax, and immerse. hydrate with a herbal tea while bathing



a canadian maple wood cabin offering a healthy warmth and a fragrant dry heat. the dense wood holds the room’s temperature between 80°C and 90°C



sweating detoxifies the body and raises the heart rate to stimulate endorphins, strengthen the immune system, improve sleep, restlessness, concentration, and reflexes


best experienced

each hour the sauna’s aufguss master guides and controls the heat and fragrance by a fanning of steam enriched with essential oils. sit and breathe deeply. we recommend challenging yourself to rest in the intense heat of this Finnish practice



the tiled steam room is purposefully dark and quiet. a sustained mist shapes the humidity, accompanied by a subtle fragrance of oils and herbs



cleanses the respiratory system and alleviates congestion while the skin is energised through a detoxifying perspiration



best experienced

a selection of moroccan mineral-rich muds can be used while steaming to penetrate and purify the skin. take this time to do something for yourself


as every good spa does, we offer brilliant, deeply satisfying massages designed to compliment your bathing; along with facials, acupuncture and massage. we view bathing as an everyday ritual, and these individualised therapies as a nice occasional luxury—we’ll make it worth it.


Everyone’s different – OLYPMIA’s wellness specialists and online apps are available to give you more information to improve your wellbeing. using our sophisticated tech or simple blood tests, personalise your bathing experiences and find nutrients and classes to expedite your wellness journey and to track your progress over time.


 the cafe is an ideal place for socialising to come together before, during or after a visit to the bathhouse.

as well as a casual dining area, the cafe also provides the opportunity to grab-and-go with healthy smoothies and snacks from the bar.


our space to practise soft guided exercise like yoga and dance, also hosts seminars and workshops on wide-ranging, stimulating topics—from business and negotiation to sexuality and shibari, or ikebana.


we offer a comprehensive range of options to make it easy for you to personalise and practise your wellness. annual and monthly memberships, and customised course packages curated by you to support you in all aspects of your daily life.


limited new membership packages now launched. memberships will be allocated as a priority to those who've registered early interest.


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