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“The kind of city we want cannot be divorced from the question of what kind of people we want to be, what kinds of social relations we seek, what relations to nature we cherish, what style of life we desire, and what aesthetic values we hold.”

 - David Harvey



Our philosophy

we believe the baths should be a lively, vibrant social space, as much as they are a place for solitary reflection and healing. to us, all-senses pleasure and social connection are essential to holistic wellness and happiness. come with friends, or alone. Olympia will be a place of leisure and luxury.

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open eighteen hours a day. 6 am till midnight.

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the therapeutic waters of onsens, hammam, and thermae have been used for centuries as vital centres for everyday healing—we’ve retooled theses waters to soothe the maladies of today. we believe bathing, exercise, conversation, and massage are interconnected in sustaining good health. of course, our baths will have all of these things in abundance.



Olympia offers a comprehensive range of options to make it easy to personalise and practise your wellness. Olympia will offer annual and monthly memberships, and customised course packages curated to support you in all aspects of your daily life.



what's the progress with Olympia Bath House?

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