HLW is the brainchild of two accomplished Australian women, Spa and Wellness Consultant, Sonja Sorich, and Marketing & Business Consultant, Emily King.

In the begining.

Emily and Sonja are interdisciplinary thinkers who examine the coalescence of traditional and progressive methodologies in bathing and community wellness. Their examination and subsequent tailoring of an environment which develops upon the myriad histories of bathing, whilst addressing contemporary wellness pathways, has meant that together they are the leading curators of wellness spaces in Australia. As the founders HLW and Olympia - the space in which these symbiotic philosophies of past and future meet – Emily and Sonja have developed a framework that supports collective health development, alongside personal luxury. The conceptual currents which run through each of their professional - and now entrepreneurial experience – include accessibility, holisticism, ingenuity, and creativity, all of which are expressed through the foundation and curation of Olympia Bath House.

A History of Vision. 

As the founder of High Level Wellness, Emily King’s vision and experiential knowledge plays an integral role in the functionality and ambition that drives the company. With roots in both the fashion and leisure industries - alongside Emily’s professional career in technologies - the development of Olympia and High Level Wellness fuses together the co-founder’s acuity for varying systems of knowledge, and how they intersect to establish new territories. The research and conceptual development undertaken by Emily in establishing High Level Wellness includes the founder’s first-hand experience of some of the world’s most prominent bathing and wellness centres in Western Europe, Scandinavia, Asia, and North Africa. Furthermore, Emily’s utilisation of wellness techniques to sustain and supplement her own professional practice has had a profound impact on how the co-founder views the positive outcomes that drive wellness practice. As a response to years of engaged research in current models of bathing and wellness therapies in Australia, Emily began to see distinct gaps in what was - and is - being offered, the identification of these shortcomings enabled the Emily to draw on her knowledge and develop a clear and unique trajectory for the company. 


On the path of discovery, Emily met Sonja through a mutual connection. They quickly learned that they shared a similar vision for a bathing concept in Australia, and realised an opportunity to partner their complementary skill sets to bring a compelling and financially viable wellness concept to the market.

Culture Evolves. 

Central to Emily’s philosophy - which is predicated on accessibility and functionality - is the idea of transculturation, a process by which individuals from varying cultural and communal backgrounds, through proximity and interaction, are able to gain knowledge outside of their habitual bubbles.


This process of transculturation is an active force in the nature of Emily’s thought process and has been central to her nuanced development of High Level Wellness. This concept also mirrors the aims of Olympia Bath House to be a space that brings together the ancient practice of communal bathing with a contemporary, and future-driven understanding of wellness. Envisioned through the founder’s research into globalisation and connectedness is the knowledge that whilst the convenience of technologies has led people to optimise their surroundings, this has come at the detriment of the optimised self. In order to address such unique contemporary concerns, the business model driving High Level Wellness, is one which sees these networks between community focus and self-focus as an essential balance in a successful globalist approach to business. 

Reflexive Response. 


As a thinker who is reflexive and responsive to the developing needs of contemporary communities, King’s rigorous engagement with public need has bloomed and is built into the very walls of Olympia. Taking influence from leading wellness theorists including Marc Cohen and Joy Hussain, who state “Sauna bathing in various forms has been used for centuries for health, hygiene, social and spiritual purposes and is currently undergoing a worldwide resurgence, largely as a result of an increasing individual and public health focus on wellness.”1 King’s concurrence with the latest currents in this field are evident. The founders methodology also reflects current data, showing the shift away from heat therapies and bathing as a response to illness - e.g cardiovascular and respiratory diseases – into a space that promotes sustained preventative health and relaxation2. This knowledge has become a solid foundation on which King has structured her business, and continues to inform her entrepreneurial pathways.

The Architecture of Community. 

Far from an esoteric vision, the business model which supports High Level Wellness is based around a set of truths. The initial truth being that the wellness industry is among one of the fastest developing and resilient industries globally. That the importance of this wellness has taken on a more active role in the lives of both individuals and communities, something which will only extend into the future. Furthermore, that the opportunities to be a part of this contemporary shift are greatly beneficial from a business perspective as well as a social/ethical perspective. An investment in the growth of these ideas, and a stake in the culture of wellness, means not only that one is supporting a crucial industry, but that one is preserving an important history and future. Emily King, through the creation of Olympia bath house, is at the forefront of this development and invites you to join. 

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