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Olympia Bath House was founded with the mission to create a world where wellness is a daily or weekly act of self-worth for all.

Olympia Bath House is inspired by ancient traditions. It's where community, culture, and fitness converge in an expansive modern urban wellness playground. The first of its kind in Australia, designed for daily enjoyment and ritual practice.

Escape city life's enthralling yet challenging hustle and bustle in a beautiful setting with a comprehensive offering focused on self-creation and rejuvenation. It is where we hope that the re-claiming of self-worth will set off a chain reaction of transformation.

Olympia values deep listening and regenerative thinking.

At Olympia, we are committed to building our understanding of the ongoing effects of colonisation and climate change. We commit to moving forward in ways that can support the development of more socially, culturally and environmentally progressive communities. We acknowledge the link between social and environmental inequality and the structures that characterise them. Two per cent of profits at Olympia are donated to organisations that actively work to reduce the harm experienced by Indigenous Australians and our natural environment. 

1% to Pay the Rent 
Pay the Rent is a grassroots organisation whose funds are distributed by First Nations people, for First Nations people, with a focus on promoting, defending and supporting Indigenous Sovereignty. 

1% to the Australian Conservation Foundation (ACF)
ACF is an independent environmental advocacy organisation that endorses climate change awareness and actively protects nature in Australia. 


495-505 Toorak Road
Toorak, Melbourne
Victoria 3142


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