OLYMPIA is state-of-the-art bath house offering movement classes, restorative body treatments, and more than 500 square metres of ‘transformative’ bathing facilities. Open 18 hours a day, from 6am until midnight, we hope you’ll discover a sense of stillness inside OLYMPIA's walls, and find yourself making bathing an everyday ritual.


Our movement classes aim to exercise the body-mind connection. Expect Yoga and Pilates, among other unhurried practises.


Our bathing facilities, of which we’re very proud, include a Turkish Hammam, two Japanese Sento, a Sauna and Steam Room, a series of Experiential Showers, and a communal open-air pool.


Our personal and precise treatments are conceived with all-senses pleasure in mind. We’ll offer an extensive variety of specialised massage, facials and other skin therapies, acupuncture, and Complementary medicine.


We’re pleased to once again be accepting expressions of interest in OLYMPIA’s suite of memberships. To ensure each and every visit you make to OLYMPIA is restful and curative, we’re limiting memberships conservatively. The bath house will never feel overcrowded or frenetic.


Please express your interest in the membership that best suits your way of living. You’ll be notified when your selected package becomes available, but this gesture comes with no obligations whatsoever.


As a bathe member at OLYMPIA, you’ll receive unlimited access to all bathing facilities during days and times of your choosing—mornings, afternoons, evenings, or at all hours—to best align with your lifestyle. Bathe packages will begin at 39 per week, extending to 85 per week, depending on your desired visitation frequency.


Additionally, bathe members receive discounted movement classes and treatments.

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Bathe and Move
A bathe and move membership grants you unlimited access to all of OLYMPIA’s bathing facilities, and to a selection of your preferred movement classes during the days and times—mornings, afternoons, evenings, or at all hours—that best align with your lifestyle. Bathing and move memberships offer a singular destination for physical fitness and the generous relaxation that should follow. Packages will begin at 85 per week.

Additionally, bathe and move receive discounted workshops and treatments.

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Bathe, Move and Treat
As a bathe, move and treat member, you’ll enjoy unlimited access to all of OLYMPIA’s bathing facilities, along with a selection of your preferred movement classes during the days and times—mornings, afternoons, evenings, or at all hours—that best align with your lifestyle.


This membership includes a series of entirely personalised treatments, intended to address your unique needs, to be delivered at regular intervals. Our specialists will conceive the optimum series of treatments for you to enjoy throughout the year. Packages will begin at 105 per week.

important information

If you hold a valid student card or government approved concession card, you’re eligible for OLYMPIA concession membership. We’ll deduct 30 percent of the original price of any bathe, or bathe and move membership. Please notify us of you concession status in the form below.


We’d be so pleased to host you in 2019. To register your interest, free of obligation, please select your preferred membership from the drop down menus below. Memberships will be allocated as a priority to those who’ve registered their early interest.

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Membership Registration

    Our Local Members  only requires a $10 upfront payment. This will secure you a 12-month membership to access the following experiences for just $39 per week*. There is no commitment to purchase until full terms and conditions are provided ahead of our official opening.


    • 4-hour access to bathing facilities, movement or  classes per week  

    • A monthly infrared sauna

    • 1 x guest pass per month

    • 2 x 60-minute treatments

    • 10% off all spa treatments

    • 10% off on a food shop purchases 

    • 10% off on all workshops




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