'Time to Care'

COVID-19 has provided us with a pause. A moment to honestly survey where we stand, and what path we hope to forge as we rebuild.


Olympia Daily was born from the knowledge that humanity was nearing a crossroads: the climate crisis, the burden of chronic disease, the collapse of community. The moment felt imminent, just around the bend, but it didn’t come. Now, we’ve rounded the corner. Here it is. 


In the midst of the most profound global crisis since WWII, we have to make a choice.  


Bewildered, even fearful, yet cognisant of new possibilities, we are right to stop and consider the paths that radiate out in front of us. Some lead in the direction we were already headed, others lead to a future more beautiful than we dared to believe possible.


Our greatest hope is that this juncture offers an opportunity to realise worldwide wellness. We can turn panic into preparedness, problem-solving, and purposeful action. Our response to a global pandemic; a wellness epidemic. We dream of the wellness industry becoming the dominant industry on earth. The best defense is being well. 


Social distancing has decimated what we know as public life. Our freedom of assembly, bodily autonomy, hugs, and handshakes: all held at bay by the virus. While a widespread decline in mental and physical health predates the COVID-19 crisis, endemic loneliness and boredom define life in isolation. Our eyes are opened to the technological conquests leading most all of life to happen online: shopping, meeting, socialising, dating. 


Once given the opportunity to step outside, to gather together again, will this be the world we want to live in? Will we continue to isolate ourselves still further from each other? We know the answer: a resounding no. 


We’re prepared to meet this new era. It’s what we were made for. 


We write these words inviting you to stand with us when this time of pause is over. To join us in opening the doors to a new reality in the wellness world - a place that people can call home, a place where they can connect into themselves and with others, a place that provides wellbeing. A place that matters.


Following this ‘night of the soul’, Olympia Daily is poised for success – ready to exert our intentional commercial and personal will to purposefully restore these basic human interactions. 

To learn more about Olympia Bath House or to request our Information Memorandum, I invite you to start a conversation me via emily@olympiadaily.com.

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Emily King

Co-Founder of High Level Wellness and Olympia Bath House

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