Working out is more than a means to an end.

Our exercise studio reimagines physical culture through mindful movement that imbue a sense of consciousness, confidence and play into the experience.


Olympia offers various styles of yoga that combine physical postures, breathing techniques, meditation, and relaxation to help facilitate a union between your body, mind, and spirit.



Pilates classes at Olympia can improve your flexibility, strength, and connection with your body regardless of age or fitness level. Pilates classes can activate your body through breathing techniques to activate the core accompanied by short sets of low-impact movements.



Our Qi-gong focuses on a particular issue in the mind, body or spirit. Guided movements promote intention and mindfulness to direct your energy (qi) to this feeling, emotion, part of the body, concept or goal that needs attention. Suitable for almost any level of movement ability, whether you are seated, standing with support or standing freely.



Tai-chi at Olympia provides moving meditation achieved through a series of slow, gentle motions patterned after movements in nature. Tai-chi can be practised standing by taking small conscious steps or can be modified for a seated position to suit your capabilities.



Deeply immerse yourself in a full-body listening experience favoured by many cultures for thousands of years. A musical bath of intentional sounds creates soothing, overlapping vibrations that lead you deeper into a state of contemplation or relaxation, calming the sympathetic nervous system.

Sound Bath


Low-impact targeted movements strengthen your body through high numbers of repetitions and light weight resistance. Suitable for all ages and pre-and postnatal women, Barre will boost your endurance, improve balance, increase range of motion, and promote better posture.



These classes use active meditation to push dynamic and energetic breaths, which is ideal for anyone who wants to breathe better. After class, feel stress and anxiety alleviated, experience greater clarity and notice improved sleeping habits.

Breath and Meditation



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